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Better Than Koreanovelas

During our ministry assignment in Dumaguete City, we befriended a Korean Lady, Ate Milly, and her kids, Anne & David. They came to our country for the kids to study in Silliman University. Anne became Joan’s student disciple for two years while David was under Reuben for a year. To our joy, we discovered that Ate Milly was a CCC disciple back in her student days in Korea, and she has a sister who’s a CCC missionary, preparing for Korean missions.

With their permission, we’re sharing some stories about our Korean family that we’re sure will warm your hearts and inspire you to live for Christ’s cause.

Milly & Her Family

When Milly came to the Philippines, she determined in her heart to bless through generous giving and simple living. She and her husband (a professor of law in South Korea) adopted a Filipino son and they offered him scholarship to take a medical course in Silliman. The son however took advantage of their kindness and went off-semester. With sadness in their hearts, the Kim family let go of this wayward Filipino son.

During their stay in our country, Milly purchased a property in a province which she entrusted to the care of her adopted son’s father. Then she discovered that even the father was lying about the use of the property. She decided to sell it, but up to now, found no suitable buyer. This has caused a delay in their plan to return home to Korea.

Milly asked the Lord, “God, what is your purpose for prolonging our stay in the Philippines?”

The answer came in the form of Korean boarders in her home, all of whom became her spiritual sons.

Donggyu, Donguk & Bill

Donggyu & Donguk are brothers who come from a family who follow Confucianism. Typical of Korean culture is the high honor they give to elders and the practice of ancestral worship. For an entire family to convert to Christianity, the patriarch must be saved first. Then the rest will naturally follow.

Donggyu & Donguk were the first to become Christians when Milly shared the Four Spiritual Laws booklet with them. At first, they thought it would be difficult for their elders to convert, but on their grandfather’s deathbed, the gospel was shared to him and he accepted Christ. Their grandma immediately followed. As for their parents, they recently got divorced due to major financial problems. Donguk was not supposed to continue schooling after graduating from high school but Milly offered to his dad to sponsor him. This act of kindness touched their dad’s heart. So when Milly presented the gospel to Donguk, he was open and they spent an hour answering his questions (e.g. what is his life for, what happens after death– Confucianism doesn’t offer answers to these basic questions) until he decided to accept Christ into his life. Milly believes that their father will become a Christian soon.

Bill comes from a Buddhist background. As the eldest male child, he enjoys the privilege of being treated with high honor in his family and among relatives. He became a Christian along with the brothers and is undergoing follow up Bible study with Milly. An evidence that he’s growing spiritually is that when we were about to leave Milly’s home, she handed us an envelope. Inside was her financial gift AND Bill’s financial gift. She checked on Bill if he understood what he did, and he responded by saying that it was his offering for God’s work.

Will you pray for them?

Milly and her family are just waiting for David, her youngest son, to graduate on March 2014. Then they will leave the Philippines for good.

Pray for…
–Milly- continual guidance, protection and God’s wisdom upon her as she oversees her physical and spiritual children. Pray that she and her husband will experience God’s presence, power & plan for their lives.
–Grandma Sarah (Milly’s mom)- good health while in the Philippines.
–Ann & David- good career opportunities when they go back to South Korea. Pray that they will submit to & desire God’s plan for them. Ann wants to become a lawyer and has a heart to become a missionary using her profession. ┬áDavid wants to be a historian, and he wants to write about the role of Christianity in shaping Korean history and culture.
–Donggyu, Donguk & Bill- God will lead them to spiritual parents and spiritual community who will help guide & care for them as they pursue their studies in Silliman University. May the seed of God’s Word flourish in their hearts!

Photo below:

Top row: Joan, Anne, Grandma Sarah, Milly, David
Front row: Lee Donggyu, Reuben, Lee Donguk, Bill


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Words That Bite

Have you ever been badly “bitten” by careless, thoughtless or hurtful words? Are the bite marks deep and soul-ripping?

I had a fresh experience with that today when I received a comment about a personal dilemma that I was powerless to change.

Even after talking the issue over with the person concerned and releasing forgiveness, the wound from the biting words still stung.

Tonight I asked God to help me become spiritually fertile for His Word so that my life would be good ground for heavenly produce. In my recent hurt, how can this be applied?

I can choose to be honest with the person about my hurt and be ready to release forgiveness. I can believe what God’s Word says about who I am in Christ, rather than believing what people or circumstances say about me. I can trust God for healing. I can also learn from the situation by being careful and thoughtful with my own words (kindness), asking for forgiveness when I ‘bite’ (humility) and putting myself in other people’s shoes (empathy).

Biting words hurt, but they don’t have to have the final say over our lives. God can use the marks to further strengthen our faith and identity in Christ.

Will you let Him?

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