Potential For Joy

Always be full of joy in the Lord. I say it again—rejoice!

Philippians 4:4 NLT

Many daily gifts easily slip our attention because they’re so common, plain, ordinary or simple that we forget to be joyful in and thank God for them. No wonder we struggle with envy, discontentment and lack of peace in our hearts!

For me, it’s easy  to coddle my restlessness by focusing on my personal desires, dreams and ambitions.  It was ok at first because I saw myself as a passionate person who wants to make a difference where God called me.  Nothing wrong with that.  But there’s something definitely wrong with losing my peace, patience and purpose when things don’t go as expected.  It could indicate that my big S (self) is starting to stomp its feet, wanting its own way.

Had a moment of truth one night with my hubby.  I shared my frustration of not going on cross-cultural missions (“Why am I still in the Philippines?” I whined). Reuben asked why I didn’t go for it when I was still single because I had all the freedom and opportunity to do that.

There was silence.

Then I admitted, “God didn’t call me.” (I was also about to say, He called me to marry you, Mahal.)


God wanted us to serve as a couple, not as individuals.  Happy deal!

I valued listening to the Lord and obeying Him.  But I didn’t realize until then that this was one area where I was pushing my dream on Him.  It took some time for me to swallow this hard fact.

One day, I finally said to myself, “Joan, why are you always restless?  It’s ok to dream big, but do you have to miss out on the potential for joy in what a day brings and in what God allows right now?”

I made a resolve to be intentional in rediscovering every potential for joy in my life.  Don’t want to miss out on thanking God for them as they come, by His gracious hand!



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2 responses to “Potential For Joy

  1. marife palima

    there are countless gifts that grace our lives each day…each moment is truly a potential for joy! let’s keep counting our gifts!

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