Words That Bite

Have you ever been badly “bitten” by careless, thoughtless or hurtful words? Are the bite marks deep and soul-ripping?

I had a fresh experience with that today when I received a comment about a personal dilemma that I was powerless to change.

Even after talking the issue over with the person concerned and releasing forgiveness, the wound from the biting words still stung.

Tonight I asked God to help me become spiritually fertile for His Word so that my life would be good ground for heavenly produce. In my recent hurt, how can this be applied?

I can choose to be honest with the person about my hurt and be ready to release forgiveness. I can believe what God’s Word says about who I am in Christ, rather than believing what people or circumstances say about me. I can trust God for healing. I can also learn from the situation by being careful and thoughtful with my own words (kindness), asking for forgiveness when I ‘bite’ (humility) and putting myself in other people’s shoes (empathy).

Biting words hurt, but they don’t have to have the final say over our lives. God can use the marks to further strengthen our faith and identity in Christ.

Will you let Him?


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