MPD: Stressed or Blessed? (Part 2 of 3)

Second, instead of stressing over limitations or roadblocks we encounter along the way, rest in the knowledge that the earth is the Lord’s…and His work in & through us is His domain, too!

Psalm 24:1 asserts, “The earth is the LORD’s, and everything in it. The world and all its people belong to him.”


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As with every aspect of our Christian lives, MPD is entirely God-centered and God-fueled.  Knowing that He owns everything, including our lives and circumstances, gives us peace in the midst of hardships.  A prospective contact may say NO, or it seems we can’t get people to answer our call, but our hearts can rest in the fact that the Lord sees our hard work and, in His faithfulness, will honor our efforts.

We can also thank God for hardships because they are His proven method of fashioning people after His own heart.  Remember King David?  In his youth, the kingdom of Israel was promised to him.  But it was only after years of fugitive-like living, after years of struggles and hardships, that the throne was finally given to him.  It was during those hard years that God molded his character and made him a true warrior- and shepherd-king for the people of Israel.

I’ve had many prayer-rants before: “Lord, why do I have to go through difficulties in my MPD?”  “I didn’t get pay for 2 months; do my partners really care?” “Oh God, it’s so hot & oppressive outside (think Manila summer).  Do I have to visit my partners?”

In those instances, God never failed to teach lessons.  One of them is that He wants to solidify my sense of calling.  He also wants to instill perseverance and patience — virtues that our yearly MPD can develop in us. Another lesson is allowing MPD to sharpen our vision.  MPD forces us to test our hearts, to see if the vision God gave us is aligned with what He has called CCC to do, and that is to help fulfill the Great Commission through spiritual movement building.

God owns everything.  He owns our ministry partners, he owns the process we go through, and he owns our schedules.  He deserves our full attention and obedience during MPD and in all matters in life.

Daily, ask the question:  What is God teaching me?  

(Last part for tomorrow:  Enter into the privilege of the blessed MPD life through generosity!)


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One response to “MPD: Stressed or Blessed? (Part 2 of 3)

  1. goyapableo

    naalala ko tuloy mga MPD days ko. grabe manghasa ng puso at isipan ang mga araw na yun! 😀

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