Artist In Touch’s Intimate Producers’ Night With Douglas Gresham: A Glimpse Into The Heart Of Narnia

They looked like winter royalty from the land of Narnia.

Douglas and Merrie Gresham immediately impressed the audience as simple folk garbed in a predominantly white ensemble, and with an air of other-worldliness that came from many years of having lived full and seasoned earthly lives.  The Filipino audience that came to see and hear from them were from the entertainment industry– a mix of actors, actresses, directors, producers, writers and other media personnel, from major networks ABS CBN, GMA7, TV5, and CBN Asia- 700 Club Philippines.  They shared one thing in common: they were Narnia fans.  It was definitely a  surreal evening for them to be in the same room with Douglas, who was the stepson of C.S. Lewis and co-producer of “The Chronicles of Narnia” movie series.

Dr. Orpah Marasigan, Artist In Touch (AIT) Team Leader, shares the vision of AIT and introduces the Greshams.

The interview portion was the highlight of the night, with questions thrown by the hosts, Audie Gemora and Anthony Pangilinan, as well as from the audience.  The Gresham couple graciously responded to all the questions with grace, wit, humor, charm and wisdom.

When asked what Jack (C.S. Lewis) was like as a man, writer and stepfather, Douglas fondly and generously shared what he remembered. Physically, C.S. Lewis was unelegant, but this initial impression was overcome with extreme admiration for his great mind, sterling character and deep spirituality, which affected not just Douglas, but generations of men and women who have come to love the raw truth, honesty, magic and mystery of his various literary works.

On aspiring for success in the industry: “Do it yourselves,

do it here and do it right.”

When asked how difficult it was for faith and Hollywood to mix, Douglas answered, “They do mix very well…like oil and water.”   He went on to encourage the largely-Christian media audience not to aspire for Hollywood, but to develop their media industry by being committed to the truth and not compromising their faith in Jesus Christ.  He implored the audience:  “Find your own Christian billionaires to fund your movies.  Do it yourselves, do it here and do it right.”

Finally, when asked: “How can we measure a producer’s success?” Douglas responded: “A producer’s success can only be gauged by his relationship with Jesus Christ and how well he relates to others.  He should show his commitment to the faith by the way he produces his work.”

ARTIST IN TOUCH Group with Douglas and Merrie Gresham

Like Narnia, our world is on the brink of hopelessness and despair. The Lord Jesus Christ, as portrayed by the lion Aslan in the Chronicles, is calling and raising up sons and daughters of heavenly royalty in various influential sectors of society who will embrace His will, realize that they are to lead in truth, and stand their ground as they battle the forces of evil.  We praise God for Douglas and Merrie Gresham who have done their part in influencing the world for Christ through the legacy of C.S. Lewis’ works.  In the Philippines, praise God for Artist In Touch under the leadership of Dr. Orpah Marasigan as they continually raise the banner of faith in the mountain of media!  Pray for more spiritual breakthroughs and conquests in their field.  Let’s embrace and share their vision of building spiritual movements in the media, until everyone knows someone who truly follows the Lord Jesus Christ!


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