“A Whole New World!”

We feel like singing that Disney song as we’ve been stepping onto a new horizon.  This is the current theme of our lives, and the reason for the long break from blogging.

From Student Led Movement, we are now assigned to work under Leader Led Movement (more explanation of this in future posts).

Good bye, comfy rubber shoes, loosely casual t-shirts and grungy jeans.  Hello, smart shoes, frilly blouses/dresses (for me), pogi polos (for Reuben), and smart casual jeans/pants.

The tension we face is not just in the wardrobe change.  There’s a huge shift from ministering to student leaders to marketplace leaders.  And there’s an avalanche of questions:  How do we start? Where will we find our target audience?  What do we need to do to build credibility?

The long absence from the blogosphere is one of the manifestations of the tension.  We wanted to find a new ‘voice’ for our new ministry, and realized that for now, we must be comfortable with being newbies in our vocabulary and understanding of our whole new world.

We’re willing to embrace the tension as part of God’s curriculum for our growth.

There’s no magic carpet in view, but we’re definitely in for one of the most thrilling rides of our lives in no less than the hands of God!

(Image courtesy of latexsens.com)



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2 responses to ““A Whole New World!”

  1. Yay for the dress up! hehe. I expect you’ll be missing your old wardrobe after some time, but this is exciting!

    God bless on your new endeavors!

    • There’s an expression that you younger people use that I’ll finally get to use in this post, Sarah. It’s this: IKR?? Hahaha! Yay for the dress up indeed, and thanks to the generous wardrobe suppliers who’ve so far been been God’s instruments for the new and pre-loved clothing. 😀

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