It was a typically serene morning last February 6 in Dumaguete City.  Amy Jean, a student leader of CCC in Silliman University, was studying with her accountancy classmates at the SU Main Library.  As they quietly discussed their subject, the ground started shaking.  Amy dismissed it as a minor disturbance by rowdy students.  But then the shaking intensified, and the entire building shook and swayed!

Ga-earthquake!!!” shouted several people.

The students panicked, and the library personnel started shouting instructions to duck underneath tables!  Several students cried, and Amy was one of them.  When the earthquake stopped, the students left their things and ran to the exit, heading toward the open ball field.

Amy began talking to her classmate about having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  She asked her friend if she was sure about her eternal destiny if the end would come suddenly for her.  Then she proceeded to share Bible verses and emphasized the need to repent and accept Jesus as personal Lord and Savior.  Her friend responded by thanking Amy for comforting her with God’s Word and using it to enlighten her about her need to be saved and be assured of eternal life in Christ.

Dumaguete City, its neighboring towns and provinces are still experiencing aftershocks from the 6.9 magnitude earthquake last Monday.  Many hearts are open to hear what God’s Word has to say about the back-to-back calamities (Sendong typhoon last December, then this recent earthquake).  We realize that this is a wide-open door of opportunity to share the gospel urgently.  We appreciate prayers for peace and wisdom to minister to the felt and real needs of our people.



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2 responses to ““Ga-EARTHQUAKE!!!”

  1. Praying that God would use you mightily there, ate Joan!

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