Partnering with Parents

In just one week, we had THREE indirect  and varied encounters with parents of our students that led us to conclude that apart from their active participation and partnership in their child’s spiritual growth, it would be difficult to see genuine transformation in them.

Here are some facts we’d like for parents to know about us:

  1. We want to be friends with you.  It’s not only your child’s spiritual condition that we want to address, but also how they can influence their families to become Christ-centered.  We really love and envision homes that live out the lordship of Christ.
  2. We want students to be good testimonies as a result of their involvement with us.  Our desire is to see them grow spiritually, with one of the ripple-effects to be that of hearing how their relationship with you has been enhanced as a result of them obeying God’s Word to honor you.  Another effect we’d also like to see is that their grades have significantly improved as they learn to rely on God’s wisdom.
  3. We are not promoting religion.  We want to bring students to a vital, personal and dynamic relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, and help them make choices based on the authority of God’s Word.  You see, religion and authorities (yes, even spiritual authorities like us) are subject to fallibility.  Only God’s Word is infallible, and so we ought to align ourselves and our faith to its time-tested truths.
  4. We are praying for and training your child to live out God’s good, pleasing and perfect will for their lives.  This will not only benefit him/her; the spiritual blessings will extend to you, as well.
  5. When a student errs, it is not CCC’s fault.  Everyone will be held accountable by God for the personal choices they make.  We only hope and pray that, together with you, we can influence them toward the right path.  That is why, when a student of ours fails in one area to make a godly choice (e.g. sexual purity), we have disciplinary actions in place to correct them and hopefully bring them back to fellowship with God, you and the community.

We need to actively partner with parents in lasting spiritual transformation of students!


Do you have an idea you can share on how to involve parents more in our movement?



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