Letting Go

My husband is in LSS (Last Song Syndrome) mode over Gary Valenciano’s song, “Letting Go”. I’m a happy listener.

“Letting go” seems to be a common theme these days in our personal lives and ministry.  It’s not just evident in our impending reassignment;  it’s also in the books we read  and in the testimonies we hear (from Gabe’s story in my recent post and in today’s worship at Christ Commission Fellowship-St. Francis)

I’m learning that “letting go” in the Bible often comes across as a challenge for us to lose what we temporarily have in order to gain what we can have eternally.  Gary V.’s song points out that in order for one to gain salvation, he must let go of  the many strings that tie his heart to his earthly life such as fame, name, and wealth.  Only by releasing these strings will he be able to receive Christ and His offer of eternal life.  Then on Randy Alcorn’s book, “Money, Possessions, and Eternity”, he talks about Jesus’ encounter and challenge to the rich young ruler in Matthew 19:16-30.  If the young man truly wanted to follow Him, then he must give up his biggest idol: ALL his wealth.  The rich young ruler probably didn’t expect that challenge to total surrender.  He sadly and slowly turned away from Jesus.  He could not let go.

Let me now share to you the testimony video from CCF that I enjoyed listening to this morning.  [Spoiler:  A Microsoft executive from Singapore gives up his lucrative career in order to obey God’s call for his life.] Here’s the link.


What is God wanting us as a couple to let go of?  Comfort.  Presence of friends.  Church family.  Students and team in Silliman University.  Staying in our beautiful and gentle city.  Some possessions.  My own plans of wanting to help in renovating our old house.  My widowed mom’s dream of keeping her house.

God, it’s a lot.  I don’t see clearly yet what’s before us.  But we are letting go, simply in obedience and by faith.


What is God challenging you to let go of?



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2 responses to “Letting Go

  1. Karen Tellefson

    The Lord is showing me I need to let go of my plans and embrace all He has for me. After all He Is God and I am man. I had my timeline coming back to the US, when and where I wanted to go and such. But alas my timeline isn’t happening. I can cry and have a tantrum or I can choose to listen for the Lord’s voice and His will for me. Peace comes in surrendering to His will and allowing Him full reign over my life. So be it!

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