Hungry for God (Year 2012)– What We Gained During our Fasting Week

This year’s week of prayer and fasting was a unique experience for us as a couple, in terms of what we gained from the discipline.  Here are some of them:

  • A renewed vision of our identity as the bride of Christ.  PCCC’s direction for us was to study and reflect on what it means to be His beloved…His cherished one.  We reflected on the book of Revelation, where the Spirit of Christ called on various local churches during that period to repent, go back to their first love, and let Him fully direct them.  We were also admonished to be authentic spiritual leaders– broken in order to increasingly depend on the Lord, yet made whole because of Christ’s transforming power at work in us.
  • An understanding and appreciation of God’s grace during the ongoing fast.  There’s no room for legalism when it comes to our personal walk with the Lord.  So we made the most of what was realistic with our schedule and circumstance.  We made significant adjustments because, first, Reuben’s health was in a state of flux, swinging between recuperation and regression. No fasting for him.  As for me, I wanted to maximize the remaining months we had this semester on campus by meeting students daily, and so I opted for a partial fast on food and a full fast on internet activity.
  • An increased capacity to depend on others, especially those who are younger in the faith, allowing them to minister to us.  Our student leaders took the ‘reins’ from us and organized our launching event, daily lunch prayer times, and culminating event.  Seeing them rise to the occasion in the power of the Holy Spirit made us, the staff team, want to give them a standing ovation like proud stage parents!  (Hope you share our joy and give them an appreciative virtual ovation, yourself.)

The discipline of fasting made us lose 2 pounds (for Joan; a small feat, but yipee still!), a whole week of exciting internet ministry opportunities, and a few gastronomic pleasures.  But the experiences we gained were worth it.

Let this be our daily prayer this year:  “Lord, give us an insatiable appetite for You!”



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