Soberly Yet Gratefully Spared From Sendong

The rainfall became alarmingly heavy yesterday early morning.  My husband and I were safe and warm in our apartment but my thoughts were elsewhere.  Our old house where my mother lived and my sister’s family was staying for the holidays was prone to flooding.  And so I listened to my inner nag and placed several calls.  No answer.  We finally decided to go outside in spite of the crazy downpour and headed as fast as we could to my mother to transfer them to our apartment.

I was right.

The flood started submerging our old house’s extra room, underground room, and the entire ground floor.  We started the transfer: slow, laborious but urgently imperative.  Finally, when all of us were inside with the needed stuff, we slowly rode back to the apartment.  We could see the water on the road starting to rise.

When we were safely inside the apartment, we heard faint noises.  They grew louder and louder.  It was the noise of traffic and human commotion.  We went out to see what was going on.  People and vehicles couldn’t pass the intersection we just passed through because of a fast torrent of muddy water coming from the mountains!  We passed that area in the nick of time and were spared from being trapped in the middle of the road.

As we looked at the unfolding crisis outside our house, I began to feel nervous upon seeing the water rise past our gate.  I went upstairs and prayed for the rain to stop.  Then we started mobilizing prayer through facebook and text, even as the batteries were quickly draining (it was brownout; no running water, as well).  God heard the prayers of His people. The storm finally abated and the flood waters receded.  Our house was spared from the flood, and Sendong’s actual effect on my family and I were small inconveniences, compared to the massive loss and tragedy other people experienced here in our province and in Northern Mindanao.

Yes, we’re so grateful that we have been spared a lot by our merciful God.  Yet it is with a sober and compassionate heart that we still ask for prayers and relief for those who have been affected in the worst possible way: losing loved ones, livelihood and property to the wrath of the typhoon.

Please continue praying.  And thank you so much for helping, both in word and in deed.  Your involvement is a tangible evidence of God’s mercy and care on behalf of our people down south.


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