My Migraine’s Teaching Moment

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Another migraine pounded my head this afternoon.  “Oh, no,” I told myself.  “I must be stressed.” Two vomiting episodes took place. I asked Reuben to buy me medicine and he zoomed off to the nearest drugstore on his motor bike.  Alone in our room, I suddenly let out a huge sob.  I thought I didn’t need that. But the stick I took earlier in the afternoon registered, “negative”.  Again.

Seeing that word “again” means I am familiar with the road of disappointment. I have frequently walked on its path.  And I’m not alone.  For many of us Christians, we realize that as we get older, we find that our understanding and experience of God’s love and wonderful plan for us includes walking along difficult roads in life.

God uses tough roads to amplify our need for Him and bring us to our knees in dependent prayer.  These difficult roads of life turn out to be blessings when we allow them to teach us patience, endurance, faith, hope, and surrender to the Lord.  My share of suffering through dealing with unmet longings gave me a deepening understanding of Jesus’ offer of hope and victory in John 16:33– “…Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows.  But take heart, because I have overcome the world.”

Christ’s message in my migraine episode was to be honest with my disappointment.  I didn’t have to hide my pain behind well-studied Bible verses.  He knows how unmet longings feel; He’s been on this journey before.  And He knows best how to bring the comfort I needed.  His comfort came in the form of my hubby, who gave me my needed medicine, listened to my meltdown, and massaged me from head to foot.  I slept soundly afterwards and awoke refreshed in body and spirit, with the migraine gone.

My smile is back! 😀



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2 responses to “My Migraine’s Teaching Moment

  1. Ruth

    VERY NICE ate jone!:) This one comforts; glory to God. Like you, there is this one thing i have also been praying and waiting for. And many times, i have been disappointed and worried. But whenever I let it go (yes, “whenever”; coz binabawi ko minsan like the “yoyo” illustration), my eyes are opened to the many good things He has given me. Makes my heart satisfied and thankful.
    I realized that focusing on one thing, and wanting it SO BADLY (or too much) to the point of being pre-occupied with it, will only rob me out of the joy that only He can give.
    I know He is teaching me to patiently wait; and to give my 100% trust in Him. Not 99%, not 99.5%, but 100%! Hehe

    miss you ate jone

    • Praise God for what you are learning from Him, Ruthie! It’s by His grace that we’re able to keep a heart of gratitude and trust in the midst of disappointments/sufferings. Hebrews 12:2 reminds us to fix our eyes firmly on Christ. With love from us here in Dumaguete! Miss you, too, Ruthie. 😀

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