“Can God Use Me?”

Can God use us with all our imperfections and inadequacies?

 In 1999, I met this Sillimanian student who had shiny long hair and always looked fresh and feminine with her long skirts and smiling, pretty face.  Zenith Gerodias was one of the disciples that the Lord entrusted to my care during my second year with Campus Crusade for Christ as a volunteer staff.  She’s one of the faithful few who witnessed my many awkward attempts to disciple students and run the campus movement by myself (my teammates at that time were an island away), with my limited knowledge, inexperience and spiritual immaturity. Zenith, or Ading as we fondly called her, was a loyal friend whose faith, submission and teachability encouraged me in my walk with and service to the Lord.

Last year, we reconnected thanks to facebook!  Fast forward to November 30, 2011.  After twelve years, we finally met each other face to face.  ‘Twas a sweet reunion!  We talked about some of the many changes in our lives (I ‘proudly’ showed the white hairs on my head).  I learned that Ading and her husband, Atty. Zigfred Diaz, are actively serving the Lord as a family.  They founded a non-denominational church in Cebu City and started a nonprofit learning center called, “Train A Child Ministry” (http://www.trainachildministry.com/). As I read the updates in their website, I couldn’t help saying, “Wow! Praise God for their lives!”

I thank God for using them to impact their local church and children’s lives eternally. I’m also thankful that, at one point in time, He let our paths cross and I had the privilege  of journeying with her through discipleship.  And that this crossing of paths took place during my most shaky and painful growing-up ministry years!

Can God use you?  Yes, He can!  We don’t have to be perfect or feel adequate before we say YES to serving God.  His grace is sufficient and He’s the One who’ll cause growth in people’s lives.  And He’ll make sure you’ll grow, too!  What a relief.  Let’s be faithful and not be afraid to serve Him then. 😀


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